Upcoming Events

1.) Every 1st Saturday of the month. - A Meal to demonstrate God's Love

2.) 6Th Feb 2016 - Women in Ministry Workshop

3.) 6th - 7th Feb 2016 - Women of Substance Annual Conference

4.) 2nd April 2016 - Women of Substance Annual Retreat

Weekly Program

Sunday Service 11AM - 1PM

Tuesday 7.00PM TO 9.00PM Brooks Bible Training

Thursday 12.30-2.00PM Prayer with a Purpose

Friday 7.00PM-9.00PM Prayer/Bible Study

Friday 7.00PM -8.30PM Praise & Worship Rehearsal

Monthly Program

Every 1st Saturday of the Month


Every last Friday of the Month



The mission of Women Of substance is to utilize the lessons learned from strong women throughout bible history to encourage young women to become strong women themselves. By building communities of women committed to supporting positive social change. Women of substance work is to create cycles of mutual empowerment for women and girls.

W.O.S is built on a foundation of seven core values:

• Love & Support: Building positive and consistent relationships that support each other, even when we make mistakes.

• Integrity & Respect: Recognizing and role modelling that everyone deserves to be treated with respect, community members, volunteers, and staff.

• Destiny Global Children and widows: We aim to educate venerable orphan children whose parents have been victims of aids or any other disasters in life. We also aim to support widow women by giving aid to start micro projects to support themselves

• Discovery: Seeking out and appreciating the unique talents and abilities of others among ourselves, as well as being open to new experiences, learning and growing.

• Balance: Knowing when to offer and accept help to maintain a healthy life-style.

• A Diverse Female Community: Honouring our commonalities and differences while recognizing the unique power of a diverse all-female community.

• Networking: Feeling the magic, inspiration and excitement of working toward a common goal among. Empowerment of those who are historically underserved through education, physical and spiritual support, and challenging those systems in the community and overseas.

• Provide a forum in which women ministers from all races, nations, and cultures can come together.

• Encourage women who are preparing for Christian ministry.

• Preserve and honour the heritage of women in ministry

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